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Camastra has performed accounting (bookkeeping) and computational services for other legal entities since 2001, namely: small, medium and large companies as well as entrepreneurs.

We perform accounting services in accordance with accounting principles defined by international standards of financial reporting, adhere to legal deadlines, and act in accordance with the Law on Accounting and Auditing and other valid laws in the territory of the Republic of Serbia.

Accounting services include:

  • receiving accounting documents in the premises of the client according to an agreed schedule
  • controlling, coding and recording business changes in assets, liabilities, capital, income, expenditure
  • harmonizing all analytics with the ledger
  • making periodic and monthly statements, drawing up the annual financial statement and submitting them to the competent authorities (Tax Authorities)
  • calculating depreciation and all public revenues as well as keeping records set by law
  • calculating profit tax
  • calculating VAT and keeping the required records
  • drawing up extraordinary financial statements and financial statements for the needs of commercial banks of employers
  • keeping required records, drawing up, presenting and submitting the requested statements to competent authorities
  • drawing up consolidated financial statements
  • controlling of accounting documents, financial statements, calculation of public revenues by competent authorities performed on the premises of Camastra
  • drawing up necessary contracts (compensation, cessions, assignations, assuming debts, payment of other’s debts, guarantees, contracts on supplementary work, personal service contracts, contracts on royalties, etc.)
  • making codes of rules (code of rules on accounting and accounting policies, code of rules on admissible expenditure, code of rules on representation, code of rules on travel allowances, code of rules on inventory)
  • drawing up all legally prescribed tax returns and calculations from the field of accounting and submitting them to competent institutions (Tax Authorities, Pension and Disability Insurance, etc.)
  • providing services of accountancy consulting, information and advice on tax matters, assessment of influence of taxes on business
  • our two administrators visit you according to an agreed schedule and receive the accounting documents

Registering and cancelling the registration of employees

  • filling out all set forms, as well as registering and cancelling the registration of employees

Calculating earnings and compensation of earnings and other income that is not part of the earnings – we work in the AGW program:

  • calculating earnings with a complete database of workers with all payments, taxes and contributions of the workers and employees,
    exporting to e-bank clients
  • performing different types of calculation as well as of other income of natural entities: personal service contracts, contracts on royalties, contracts on temporary and occasional work, supplementary work, leases, dividends, inter-dividends
  • calculating withholding tax for paying compensation to non-resident legal entities
  • filling out legally prescribed tax returns: PP OD, PP OPJ, PP OPJ-1, to PP OPJ-8, PDPO and submitting them to competent institutions
  • printing all transfer orders, prescribed tax returns, forms and statements needed for paying earnings and compensation with specification
    all calculations, specifications, transfer orders, tax returns – we send the calculations electronically to the client
  • filling out each tax return calculated and paid tax and contributions – PPP ob.
  • filling out tax returns for determining years of insurance …M-4K and M4
    for all our clients and their employees we fill out a tax return for annual citizen income tax – the form PPDG – 5

Making business plans and projections upon the request of the client




Sarajevska 12, Belgrade, Serbia

Work time
Week days 08:00 - 17:00